What’s this all about?

So why have I started a blog I hear you ask. Well, the simple answer is I love to write. I’m not professing to be an amazing writer, but I use it as an outlet and I’m honest in what I’m writing. So the worst case scenario is I have an online diary that I can save for my babies to read back one day. Let them get to know mummy when they’re old enough to understand what the hell life is all about. And I get that while doing something I love. Pretty cool worst case I reckon! So what the heck! 

8 months ago (and hands up completely on a whim) I started my journey as a business owner. Ha! Yes I can hear the sniggers. And I don’t blame you. Still makes me laugh some days! You see anyone who’s had the pleasure of being one of my employee colleagues will no doubt be remembering piles of paper, post it’s with random notes, my desktop homepage with more icons than is normal. Organised chaos is my story and I’m sticking to it. Hey it’s got me 8 months in without too many issues (although aloe corner is rather hidden under the piles of well intended paper….)

In the near future I have a whole blog on that (could well include a mildly ‘ranty’ tone!) So I’ll leave it there for now.

Until next time, laters lovelies xx


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