The boss of the Aloe

So just a short one here because it made me smile and I had to share 🙂 

So do you ever look at your job title and think wtf?! I know I’ve had this conversation with many people in my time! Why is it that in the corporate world it seems the more abstract it is, the more impressed people are? I mean honestly, can you hand on heart say that your job title accurately depicts what you do? 

So that leads me to this evenings epiphany! I have the gift of describing what I’m doing in any way I want to. So lets be brave and do what no other seems to want to do. Drum roll… 

Let’s keep it simple! And what simpler way to give myself a title than to let my 5 year old choose it. She says it how it is. Simple, clear, genius.

So from this day forth my title is The boss of the Aloe. Has quite a ring to it, don’t you think? 

No further words are required. Laters lovelies xx

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