Time to shine

So this morning I was asked where I find the time to ‘do’ my business with 2 kids and a job. My answer was no idea! I just do it! But it got me thinking. Where do I find the pockets of time to just get s@&t done?! 

Well first and foremost I dumped the unnecessary stuff. For years I was one of those people that just loved the Facebook newsfeed. Once the kids were in bed I’d spend many hours over the week scrolling through and learning what people had eaten for dinner, who’d been to the gym, liking selfies. Posting the odd one too 😂 You know normal Facebook behaviour. I’d watch videos of people falling over, pranking each other, people putting stuff straight in their basket (admit it, you know the one cos I bet you’ve watched it too!) Now don’t get me wrong, I still like a little bit of the random scrolling (who doesn’t?) but I just do a lot less of it now. I’m still on Facebook but instead of scrolling I’m posting about my business and talking to my lovely customers. Some evenings I play games in my customer group because the whole point of Facebook is to socialise and have fun right? This small change has freed up enough time to touch my business everyday.

Another one that’s been key in giving me time is I involve the kids on the aloe journey. Oh bless em, they love the aloe! You may have seen I posted a video of my youngest filming herself doing an aloe talk. Brilliant! She’d seen me do a live video in a team group and wanted to get in on the action. Star in the making that one. Anyway, I digress. Back to involving the bubbas. So a leaflet drop is quite a hard one to sell in to a child. But add a sunny day, a bike, a pile of leaflets each that they can post through actual people’s doors… Bingo! Kids are sold on the idea, we get a healthy afternoon of fresh air and my business has a fun dedicated 2 hours of time. Win/win scenario I reckon. The other thing about involving the kids of course is they can’t help but talk. They love using the products (Gelly is a particular favourite – sticky but magic in the words of a 5 year old!) and love to tell their friends about it. Who then like to tell their teachers and their mums. And those same mums then ask me about my products at the school gates. How cool is that. I didn’t even need to create time there, it happened on its own. Result! 

Finally, on time, I generally just talk about what I’m doing to anyone who wants to listen. And you’ll be surprised how many like to hear about it all. So while I’m on a coffee break at work, I’ll ask if people want to try a product. Or I’ll tell them about the things I’ve done with my business. When I’m at the hairdressers, I tell the lovely stylist my story, including the aloe. They love to hear all about our lives right? 

So that’s it really. Time just kind of happens if you let it. So what I now know is a perceived lack of time should never stop you going for something you love. It’s just about being a little creative with what time actually is. Multitasking when you can. And making the time you find fun! 

Laters lovelies xx


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