What’s stopping you? 

It was three and a half years ago that I first toyed with the idea of owning a business. So why then did I only take the plunge 8 months ago? Oh I found every excuse under the sun! You see I knew I wanted to work for myself, make my own rules. But I didn’t want to be responsible and accountable for where I ended up. In a ‘normal’ job you’ve always got someone else to blame when things don’t go to plan. When you own a business you’ve only got yourself.

So what did stop me? What excuses did I make? Let me share some of them. 

Number 1. Time. This was my was biggest nemesis and my number one justification for not doing it. I couldn’t help it if I simply couldn’t fit it in, so yay, not my fault! Two young children, a full time job, a house that a) needs a lot of work, b) doesn’t clean itself and c) in all honesty I couldn’t really afford anyway. So there was no slack to release any time. Apparently it’s frowned upon to let a two and four year old look after themselves while you build a business.

Number 2. Knowledge is power – and I knew nothing about the products. Aloe Vera is just a plant right? Ha how wrong I was! But back then my only experience of Aloe was killing the little plant I had on my windowsill. Turns out that was quite a skill in itself – who knew these delicate little plants are mightier than us mere mortals and almost impossible to kill. 

Number 3. I didn’t sell. See I was convinced I would need to become a super sales person. And my experience of sales was selling ad space for Meat and Poultry News for a couple of weeks before being politely told that perhaps sales wasn’t my calling in life! In my defence, it was a tough market – these meat and poultry liking people took no prisoners! And they put me off sales for life 😂 (nope, still don’t sell but that’s for another day).

Number 4. I couldn’t afford to invest anyway. This was simple – to start a business you need some initial cash. And I had none. I made figures up in my head of what I surely must need to start up and never bothered checking the reality. In hindsight this was my silliest excuse but I wasn’t blessed with a crystal ball back then! 

Number 5. People would think I’m bonkers. Now I’ve always struggled with caring too much about what others think of me, but back then this fear bordered on ridiculous. I was convinced that everyone would hear what I was doing and laugh at the idea of it. They’d laugh that I was ‘selling’ products that I knew nothing about and then laugh some more that I was a business owner. Of course I now know I couldn’t have been more wrong! But funny how convinced you can get when you tell yourself something enough. The irony is the excuse itself was the bonkers bit! 

There were many more excuses I concocted but I’d be writing forever if I shared them all! What I can say is writing this has actually been great! It’s almost like therapy, remembering all this stuff! So consider yourself my counsellor when you read this 😊

So that’s me for now. Another session to follow soon! Laters lovelies xx



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