If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! 

As ridiculous as this sounds, being surrounded by happy, cheery people can take some getting used to! Particularly in the context of work! The skeptic in you tries to work out what the hell these people are after and what’s in it for them being so goddanm delirious all the time! Well I’ve worked out exactly what’s in it for them and actually they get the same benefit whether you choose to smile with them or stay the suspicious slightly grumpy one!

My first experience of the happy club in its entirety was only a couple of weeks into my business. I was convinced to take the day out to go on the ‘company day’ (in cheery land it’s labelled success day but we won’t worry about that right now).  I knew the venue but I what expected the set up to be versus what it actually was… well, the two scenarios were worlds apart.

You’d be forgiven for expecting the set up to have degree of formality – of course I knew this isn’t the corporate world so it was likely to be different from anything I’d experienced before. But disco balls, bright flashing lights and loud music. I was not expecting that!! I came away that day feeling upbeat and happy for sure. But my skepticism did remain and I hold my hands up having a little wobble in crebibility of the whole thing.

Over the next few day I thought a lot about what I’d seen and heard and set to work on finding out how such a successful company could operate in such a way. I mean my love of the products and belief in the structure of the business was never in doubt. But damn, all those happy people…

So I looked at the facts. Obviously it originated in America. So it was always going to be different in that respect. Second it was founded by a man who had people at the heart of everything he did (and still does now). But by far the best fact is the mission of the whole company (from the start and to this day) has fun at the centre of it. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many companies that insist on fun at the heart of everything.

So you see, while a company day that feels more like a concert may be different and require you to open up your mind and expectations, actually it wouldn’t work any other way. If the company you work for doesn’t operate by its values and mission, how can its business owners be expected to follow through and represent the brand?

Now I’m firmly with the happy clan. And guess what? It’s fabulous! A smile goes a long way, a compliment feels good to give, and it’s surprising how productive you can be when you let go of uneccessary  grumpiness. I said at the beginning I’d worked out what’s in it for the cheery ones. Well it’s simple really. They get to go to bed every night knowing they’ve done their best and knowing they were the best version of themselves that they could be. I’ll have some of that!

So until next time, keep smiling 😊 Laters lovelies xx



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