Can you mix business and pleasure? 

So this one is an interesting one for me. When you’re doing something you love, that also happens to be your business, can the line between the serious element of business, and the passionate element of fun become blurred? When is having some fun with your ideas stepping into the realms of not taking things seriously? 

Many of the guys I work with in my business are in the same position as me. I have a 9-5 job in the corporate (ish) world and my business has to build around that. In whichever gaps I find! The reason this scenario is important is that given the limited amount of time I have, it’s important to me that it’s fun to do. Yes of course I want it to grow and provide a better future for me and my babies too, but slogging away at something that’s not much fun… well that’s just not for me. 

Now I am fortunate in that the day job is the area I love. Marketing. But working in such a big organisation, its marketing within very strict parameters. I mean it has to be, with so many things out there. Without guidelines and rules, it would be marketing chaos! But when you’re a crazy creative at heart, that can be frustrating. In my business, the only boundaries I have are the ones I create myself. Exciting stuff huh? Or is it more dangerous? 

Well let’s look at the facts. In the corporate world you’re a small cog in what is a massive brand. Sure you contribute, but your just one of many parts. But in your business, particularly in network marketing, you are the brand! Pretty cool don’t you think? Little ol’ me a brand! So if I’m a brand, what do I want to be seen as? Well of course I want to be taken seriously, but I want people to have fun and enjoy the products as much as I do. So when I plan my week, I always include activities that a) I enjoy and b) I think my customers will enjoy. I should probably put a caveat on ‘plan’. My planning consists of me, a notebook and an hours headspace to decide how the week will go. Obviously the plan might be tweaked as the week goes on, but essentially I plan to do what I know I enjoy…

Now there lies another debating point. It is a business, so while planning the bits I enjoy doing, when does the ‘other’ stuff get done? You know, making sure your paperwork is up to date, you’ve filed you invoices etc. You’d be forgiven for thinking that if you concentrate predominantly on the fun parts of your job, you are sure as hell stacking up a few pretty rubbish days filled with all the things you dislike the most. But the revelation… when the fun stuff is genuinely fun, the other bits actually become a sanity check point. A time to calm down the creative juices, just for a moment, and plant your feet on the ground. It’s almost therapeutic. 

So have I answered my original question? In all honesty, I’m not sure. I’m in no doubt whatsoever that you have to bring fun in to what you do. Where that boundary lies – when having fun oversteps the mark – I’m yet to find it. So for now, I’ll continue to do what I’m doing, I’ll continue to enjoy it, and I’ll enjoy the successes as they come. Maybe this is a topic I’ll need to revisit at some point in the future… and if I need to I surely will. 

Laters lovelies xx

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