So what is it I actually do?

So this is the question that I’m asked the most. For the last 3-4 months, I don’t think a day has passed when I wasn’t asked in some way, shape or form. So I thought I’d answer that very question in one place. But of course, this is me… so I won’t be sharing a list of my tasks or a ‘job description’. What would be the point in that? Instead, I’ll describe what I do, in my words, with my take on the ‘job’ I need to do.

So let’s start with what I don’t do. I always think that’s the easiest place to start! Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re all very good at knowing the things we can’t/won’t/don’t do. I do wonder why that is… a defense mechanism maybe? “Oh dear god no, I don’t do that!” Anyway, I digress (something clearly I do do!) The number 1 thing people assume I do is sell. Those that know me well will be forgiven for the belly laughing I imagine you’re doing right now 😂 If my business relied on me being a sales person I would not be coming up to my first year anniversary, that’s for sure! Because frankly, I’m rubbish at selling. Now of course, products are sold in my business. But I can hand on heart say I’ve never done a sales pitch on any of my customers. What I have done is use my own products, talked about the ones I like, let my friends, family, colleagues try them for themselves, posted in my group pages some product information and tips… and yes inevitably products have sold as a result. But the great thing, people have asked for the products based on the stuff I do to get info out there. So actually, I stand by this one. Good god I don’t sell! What I do instead is show people what I have to offer. 

So what else do I do? Well I invest time in me and my personal development. Sounds big huh? It’s not really. Not that I’m belittling this of course! By ‘not really’ I only mean it’s not a burden to do it. On the way to work in the car, I commit to learning my industry inside and out by listening to the experts instead of listening to Bastille. Of course that does mean I don’t get my morning car karaoke – but fear not. I save that as my Friday morning treat. Amazing how much more I enjoy it when I know I’ve earnt it! I also sacrifice the odd episode of Eastenders in the evening to read a book that will help me grow. Turns out Eastenders provides a pretty depressing outlook on life anyway so reading a positive, uplifting book certainly has its benefits. Plus the beauty of Sky and the catch up TV function – in my nighttime downtime, I can always watch it if I fancy it! (Funnily enough I’m finding the personal need for Eastenders is deminishing faster than Albert Square can create a drama. Most strange). 

The most important thing I do (in my opinion at least) is I believe in what I do. Sure, I bumble along and make the odd* mistake here and there. But when push comes to shove, I love my business, I’ll never give up on it and you’ll be be hard pushed to convince me not to believe in it. Number 1: Its mine. I’m the only decision maker. Who knew that could be so liberating? Number 2: Leaders that have made it, want to help me make it too. What? Little ol’ me?? But really, I’ve met (and hugged – I do love a hug!) pretty amazing people. Genuine people. So I let them help me. I’m open to listen to whatever they have to say. And I’m grateful for it. Number 3: I don’t try and convince anyone. It’s not a good use of time and I think you see it or you don’t. We need to be in it together or what’s the point? And finally, Number 4: I really love showing other people the opportunity, then watching them rock it. Honestly, watching someone else fly, knowing you were the reason that happened… not sure there’s a better reason out there. 

Lots of love to you all. Laters lovelies ❤

*I’ve made a lot more than a few mistakes – but shh! That’s our secret x

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