Good things do happen

Hey, just a short one today. And really just some positive vibes to share with you all. So I’m a strong believer that good things do happen to good people. And I’m not just talking business here – it’s true just in life. 

Now sure, things can seem pretty poop at times. Like you’re desperately paddling under the surface just to keep things going. And then life will throw a curve ball, making it feel like at any moment you could drown. Sound familiar? Yep, life does that! But honestly, all will come good if you just respond in the right way to whatever is thrown at you. And the right way isn’t necessarily what you want to do in the moment! Believe me, I know! So my strategy is this:

In any situation, take a deep breath.

Ask yourself if your response is emotionally charged.

Take another deep breath and ask yourself the question again.

Decide your action/response. But don’t act yet! Do one more thing. 

Be ethical, always, and be honest with yourself. Will you be happy if you go ahead? Will you have any regrets? Will you know you’ve done your best in that situation?

Whatever the answer, act on/adjust/change the plan – whatever you need to do to know you’re a good person that’s taken the right steps.

I’m living proof if you do this, the good things (and the right things) will come. It may not be immediate, it might actually feel like it’s never coming at all. But do it always and when it comes you’ll probably blubba like a baby (moi? Cry like a baby? Never 😉) 

Do it good, do it right. 

Laters lovelies 😘

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