Chasing rainbows? 

Do you ever feel like you’re on your own with your vision? Like people think you’re crazy for following your dreams? They’re convinced it’ll never work and somehow think it’s helpful to you to be ‘realistic’ and share their view of how you’re just chasing rainbows? Well you know what, I’m challenging that! It’s not realism, it’s someone else’s baggage and if we’re ever going to make it in the world of business then we need to grow a thicker skin and rise above the negatives! 

Now let me be clear, this isn’t an attack on ‘non believers’. I’m absolutely sure that, for the most part, these are people that love and care for us and do genuinely want the best for us. But you have to accept they simply don’t see your vision… so the onus is on us not to be distracted by what others simple can’t see. Remember, you never know their world either. Maybe it’s an industry they don’t understand. Maybe they’ve been in it and it wasn’t for them. Maybe they saw someone else struggle. Maybe they’ve read something somewhere which doesn’t paint a true picture. All maybes but there will be something, because I’m pretty sure it’s not because they don’t believe in you. 

Just another perspective to throw into the mix, why not! Now here’s a thought. We’re not programmed to break through conformity. We are all more comfortable if we’re (on the whole) following the norm. At least we’re not questioned on the norm right? It won’t surprise you (I’m  sure 😉) to know that I haven’t always followed the norm. For example, I’ve made choices for my kids that were against the conventional. I had some backlash. All that did was make me learn more, reinforce and evidence my research and make me more confident I have made the right choices. So why not apply that same logic to our business? 

When something is important (seeing as I’ve mentioned kids, let’s stick with that), it matters and we’ll defend it to the death! We find whatever time is needed to nurture, to build, to be there, to battle through whatever battle we need to. There are no negotiations. We just do. And that is the principle we should live by with everything important! A business will not build itself just as our kids wouldn’t have the resources to fend for themselves, without us there. Time is needed. Patience is needed. Mistakes are essential – how else would we learn? But most importantly of all, your heart is required. In my opinion, if your heart isn’t in it, it’s not important enough. 

So what is the point of this blog? Why have I written this, tangent and all? Well if I’m brutally honest, it’s for me. I like to write as it keeps in check the madness that is my mind! But I hope it might just give someone else that reassurance too. You see what we’re doing isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a business that we’re building around all other kinds of commitments. Don’t underestimate how special that makes you. It’s a business that will take some time and effort to grow. And if some people think that’s chasing rainbows… well that’s fine by me! So let it be fine by you too! Because every single day I meet someone else who also wants to follow their dreams. And I will make damn sure I’m that rainbow, that sparkle, that positive energy that reminds them it’s ok to have a dream. It’s ok to be that rainbow 🌈 ❤️

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