How do you choose the right opportunity for you?

There’s no doubt about it – the network marketing industry is huge. And growing every single year. The industry provides the largest part time earning opportunities in the UK and sales are in excess of Β£2 Billion in the UK alone. Throw the rest of the World in and those stats become a little mind blowing. But with so many companies operating in the industry, how on earth do you pick the best one for you? Here’s just some of my tips on making the right choice πŸ™‚

  • Start with the product – what will sit behind your business?

Is it a product you love yourself? Do you believe in the product? Will you feel confident recommending it to the people around you? Will you be willing to commit to ditching the high street brand and buying your own products? If the answer is no to any of those, it’ll be tough. Not impossible, but definitely tougher than it needs to be. People will be trying and buying directly from you so they’ll want to see your belief in your product is unshakable. If you don’t believe, why should they? 

How does the company value and believe in the product? Do they have a fair returns policy for example? This is important (or it is to me anyway!) If the company has a fair returns policy, you as a business owner will be protected (both from an ethical and financial point of view). In the early days particularly, that protection will be the comfort blanket that will give you the confidence to recommend away and ultimately start growing your business right from day one. 

  • Check the company out properly – will you be joining a trusted brand?

It might sound obvious but there’s nothing wrong with being thorough! Check the official sources rather than just relying on google. Network marketing is no different to aliments when it comes to google results! You get an array of weird and wonderful answers and not always from a reliable source. Check the company is registered with Companies House. You need to know your business will be legit. Next check that they are a member of the DSA UK (Direct Selling Association). As a member of the DSA the company will comply with the Consumer Code of Conduct which protects your future customers and the Code of Business Conduct which will protect you as a business owner. Check if there are any other accreditation’s they have, like the Investors in People award for example. This will give you an indication as to how the company values their business owners and how much support you might get when you start out. Oh, and see how long they’ve been in business. There can be big difference between company’s that are 40 years old and those that are new to the market. 

So once those checks are done and you’re happy you’re looking at good companies with good products that you like, you’ll probably find yourself with a short list – I know right! Not an easy process! But it is worth making this effort at the beginning to save some pain later on πŸ™‚ So what do you look for to make the choice?

  • Can I work with this person?

In this industry you’ll have most likely have been shown the opportunity by an individual person. The responsibility of that individual is to show you how to get started, support you in learning about the business model, help you set goals both short term and long term. You’ll be getting pretty up close and personal so you do need to have some rapport from the start. They’re likely to become a very good friend if you choose wisely. Not going with your gut here can really hinder your business. You don’t want to suddenly find yourself on your own just because the two of you didn’t quite click.

  • What training will you have immediate access to? 

When you take the plunge you’ll be raring to just to get on with it. But you don’t want to go off in a direction that might come back and bite you later. So check if you’ll have access to some online basic training. Now of course, if you’ve already chosen someone you can work with then they’ll be there every step of the way to help you. But the general company trainings will give you that broader knowledge that you’ll need to start with a bang. 

  • Do I get the business model? 

Each company will have a slightly different business model and it’s important to have a basic understanding before you decide. You don’t need to know everything, you’ll gain a deeper understanding as you go. But things I found useful before I started: What’s my discount percentage on the products and how will that change as I grow my business; When I have a team, how do the company rewards work? Will I be rewarded on all of the team or just some; Are there any set targets I’ll have to meet to grow; Is the business model incrememted fairly? Do levels of promotion remain realistic as you grow? Again, your person will have told you the basics but you should take the time to understand the differences between companies so you’re comfortable you’ve chosen the one that will work for you. 

So there you have it. Those are the things I did to make an informed and confident choice of the type of business owner I wanted to be. And I don’t doubt for a second that the diligence at the beginning is why I have my growing business 18 months on. So I want to end on just one final point before the rambling refuses to stop! 

Whichever company you’re looking at, no matter what choice you make, or for that matter, whatever choice you’ve already made…  we’re in this together. Network marketing is a pretty special industry. It gives anyone with a desire to work hard a real opportunity to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of those around them. As professional network marketers it is our job and responsibility to champion what we do and make sure it stays the ethical, growing and life changing opportunity that it is. We need to support each other and our industry and go get those dreams.

I will slowly and carefully climb down from my soapbox now… seriously, I may never stop talking! But thank you for reading and if I’ve helped you at all… I’m here if you want to hear more πŸ‘‡πŸ» 

For now I bid you good night.

Laters lovelies 😘

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Good things do happen

Hey, just a short one today. And really just some positive vibes to share with you all. So I’m a strong believer that good things do happen to good people. And I’m not just talking business here – it’s true just in life. 

Now sure, things can seem pretty poop at times. Like you’re desperately paddling under the surface just to keep things going. And then life will throw a curve ball, making it feel like at any moment you could drown. Sound familiar? Yep, life does that! But honestly, all will come good if you just respond in the right way to whatever is thrown at you. And the right way isn’t necessarily what you want to do in the moment! Believe me, I know! So my strategy is this:

In any situation, take a deep breath.

Ask yourself if your response is emotionally charged.

Take another deep breath and ask yourself the question again.

Decide your action/response. But don’t act yet! Do one more thing. 

Be ethical, always, and be honest with yourself. Will you be happy if you go ahead? Will you have any regrets? Will you know you’ve done your best in that situation?

Whatever the answer, act on/adjust/change the plan – whatever you need to do to know you’re a good person that’s taken the right steps.

I’m living proof if you do this, the good things (and the right things) will come. It may not be immediate, it might actually feel like it’s never coming at all. But do it always and when it comes you’ll probably blubba like a baby (moi? Cry like a baby? Never πŸ˜‰) 

Do it good, do it right. 

Laters lovelies 😘

Know your why

Something I’ve become more and more aware of in the last 12 months is knowing how important it is to know why you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing. Because with anything that requires love, attention, effort, some nurturing… well, you need to be really clear on why your energy is justified to go there.

I really believe this is true of anything in your life. Whether it’s work, relationships, a hobby, a business, house improvements, the list is endless. And it’s true because with everything in life, there will be some tough bits. Days when you need to dig deep and just graft and get on with it  – days and tasks that would feel a hell of a lot easier and more achievable if you’ve taken the time to work out why it’s important.

Let’s take the example of home improvements – something of an ongoing chore for the last 5 years of my life! It’s only really the last 6 or 7 months that I’ve forced myself to focus on why. Up until that point I just slogged on (badly without any order!) getting more and more disheartened by the slow progress, to the point where everything stopped. And what was left was pretty much a house full of started tasks with nothing actually complete. And my why simply disappeared and was buried amongst the rubble and mess. The desire to plan was non existent and I just allowed myself to believe, whatever the original plan, it was unachievable.

But never one to be defeated, I’ve forced myself to remember why it has to be achievable, why it has to happen, and why there are no alternatives. I’ve not just thought about – I’ve written it down. And by writing it down, small bite sized chucks that will get me one step closer, have just revealed themselves. Small achievable steps that will make a difference. And the result? Well 1 complete room in just a couple of months versus the nada in 4 and a half years! And it feels good 😊 And by Christmas this year, they’ll be a couple more rooms complete – because that’s what I’ve planned and I know why it’s worth the effort πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

So let’s move this to why I continue with my business. I mean seriously, I am busy. I have 2 young kids which live with me 90% of the time (divorced but that’s a whole other blog!) I have cricket club, cubs, ballet classes and more recently judo to fit in the week. I work ‘almost’ full time (I leave early 1 day a week to pick the kids up from school – happens to be my favourite day of the week 😊). I have the previously mentioned ‘project house’. I have a partner who has 2 kids of his own that live with us for a good bulk of the time. I have friends I love seeing. I have a normal busy life like probably all of you reading this has! So why on earth continue with a business as well? Which requires time, effort and dedication? Well simply because I know why.

Now why is very personal to you. My why will be wildly different to yours, I have no doubt about that. Why is mine, and quite rightly too. You have to own it. I own mine. I have 20 post it notes each with a single why written on it. I do love a post it! And I do love a why ❀ Just an example of 1 of mine – picking the kids up from school just 1 day a week isn’t enough. I miss them, they miss me. I want to pick them up every day. So it’s on a post it.

Every time I doubt whether the effort and time is worth it I look at my top 20. Now it’s not quite as simple as that of course. I don’t just read it and plough on regardless. I look at what I will be doing if I don’t do the business thing. I then ask myself 3 questions:

  1. Right now, in this moment, which is more important?
  2. What will happen if don’t spend this time on the business?
  3. What will happen if I don’t spend this time on the other thing (whatever it is)?

And once I’ve asked myself those questions, I make an informed choice. And that choice is always linked to my why. Sometimes I decide that my babies need me more (they are my number 1 why, so if they need me, they come first). Sometimes I decide that quality time with my partner is more important. Sometimes there is something that will have more consequences if I don’t dedicate the time to that, even if I would prefer to be putting the time into my business. But a lot of the time, my informed choice is that the hour of time is worth it because there’s nothing that will break if I do it. But my next goal might not happen (or break) if I don’t.

So never underestimate how important it is to know why you’re doing anything. If you know, you’ll only ever put effort into what’s important. You’ll naturally stop wasting time on stuff that just doesn’t matter. And suddenly time will open up and allow you to focus on all the important things. No matter how busy you are.

Now, Ed Sheeran, he’s on now at Glastonbury! And I really want to watch! So I’ll leave you to enjoy your evening (I’ll enjoy mine πŸ˜‡)

Love to you all. Laters lovelies xx 😘


My 5 top tips

So I made it to my first birthday in my Aloe business and I’m pretty pleased with that. Yay πŸΎπŸŽ‰

When I started, was I sure I’d still be going strong 12 months later? If I’m honest, probably not. But do I know I’ll still be here 12 months from now? Yes I do! Now I’m no expert and I’ve still got a way to go to get to where I’ve set myself. But I am consistent, and have been since my first month. So I thought why not share how I’ve managed that πŸ™‚ If you’re interested, here are the things that have worked for me…

  • Just be yourself

If you’re anything like me, you may well be a little clueless in the beginning. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine! But the worst thing you can do is pretend to be something you’re not. I don’t mind the saying fake it til you make it but only from a mind set point of view. In a practical sense, never fake it. Be honest. Always. If you can’t answer a question straight away, don’t make it up. Just say you don’t know but you’ll find out. Then make sure you do find the answer. You’ll be thanked for your honesty in the long run. 

  • Take the time to know your stuff

I completely appreciate that starting a business is exciting and you’ll be itching to just get cracking. But how can you build trust with your future customers if you haven’t taken time to really know your products? The simplest way is to just use them yourself. If you already used them before starting then you have a head start! But it doesn’t end there. There are hours of video trainings available on all the products and they give you the opportunity to become an expert. Lots choose to dive in and not bother with the videos. But to me that’s madness! Use the training! 

  • Work on your mindset

Personal development is so important when you’re working for yourself. Work out the bits you need some help with and commit to learning them. And that’s not always easy, admitting there are some things you’re not that good at. But admitting and improving is so much better than winging it and never feeling confident. Believe in yourself and believe in the goals you’ve set. It’s your business and your vision – even if it’s invisible to everyone else never lose sight of it.

  • Avoid spamming

Always remember that not everyone is interested in what you do. You’ll have people that want to help you and support you but you’ll also have people that just aren’t that interested. And that is perfectly ok! Don’t annoy them by constantly shoving your business down their throats. Remember social media is, on the whole, a place where people go to look at photos, catch up with people they haven’t the time to see, reconnect with people they’ve lost touch with. They don’t necessarily want posts every 5 minutes about your new venture. 

  • Hang on in there!

Don’t fall into the trap of believing it will all happen overnight. Sustainable businesses take time to build. They take hard work, consistency, determination and a lot of heart ❀❀ So many people give up when results aren’t immediate. If you were a teacher or a nurse or an accountant – would you give up trying for a promotion if you knew you had to wait 2 years to get there? Or would you work hard, get the training you need in the meantime and keep ploughing on until that promotion was yours? So never give up. 

So those are the 5 things that have got me here, to the here and now. And no doubt there will be countless more lessons I’ll learn in my next 12, 24, 36 months. And I can’t wait! Really hope you find this helpful and I’ll speak you again soon.

Laters lovelies 😘



Is there enough to go round?Β 

So I’m pretty sure most of us here have at least a handful of friends who have started a business and are recommending products to all that they know. So it’s understandable that the thing I come across the most is “I already know loads of people doing that, there’s no point getting involved.”

Thinking back, I reckon I said the same on more than one occasion. In fact, I’ll confess to you guys, I’ve even had some self doubt over the last year and wondered whether I should give up and let the experts build the businesses while I just enjoy the products I love at my now discounted rate. Thankfully common sense prevailed and I’m still here, still building a business that I’m pretty damn proud of πŸ™‚ 

So is there really too much competition out there now? Well let’s take a logical look at that. Firstly, there will always be people that don’t get on with your products. Some like Pepsi, some like Coke. So why would your products be any different? Those that don’t want to buy, well, they never will. So competition isn’t even an issue in this instance. You just need to respect their choice, that’s it.

But what about all those out there who offer other products? Maybe in the same or a similar sector. Well, it doesn’t matter how many others are out there, the array of products that are available, they’re simply not your competition. They’re just other awesome people putting themselves out there and building their own futures. And here’s why I believe this wholeheartedly. You don’t choose to build a business based on products that you don’t like. No one does right? So actually, all you have is a whole load of people showcasing products that they’re passionate about. So how about instead of seeing this as competition, we just support our friends? Take a look at their products, buy their stuff rather than highstreet, just respect each others efforts in building our dreams. I have a lot of friends with great products and I’m proud to say I buy from them. And guess what, they buy from me too. So rather than competition, you actually gain an ally who knows exactly how passionate you are. 

So what about if you know others building a business with the same products? Would they be competition? Well I think no. Here’s why. YOU are 100% unique. There is no one in the world that can offer the same product, with the exact same service, the exact same added value, with the exact same conviction and method as YOU. No one can imitate you, and you can’t imitate anyone else. So what you have to do is just be yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. You need to look at your mindset. Think back to when you were at school. The playground was a jungle! (Or was that just mine?!) Yet somehow, through all the fear and confusion, people chose you as a friend – and you chose them. That playground was an even playing field. You were all there offering the same, friendship. And somehow you survived. You formed your groups, your friends, and you were chosen by someone. Sure, you no doubt felt rejected in the process. You were probably the ‘rejector’ yourself at some point! But you made it through. Because of your uniqueness. Your bond with someone else. Well the same applies here. No two people are the same and some will choose you, some will choose someone else. So it’s not competition, it’s just the law of attraction. 

So let’s go back to the original question. Is there enough to go round? In my opinion…  Yes there is! There is plenty to go round for anyone that is passionate and wants to work for it. You are simply you and no one can compete with that. And provided you take that seriously and commit to being your best… you can only win. Lots of love to each and every one of you. You ARE awesome. 

Laters lovelies 😘

Crazy little thing called…

So what is this thing they call Network Marketing? Well I’m happy to have a go at unravelling and explaining it (with the caveat that it’s just my take on it!) 

In literal terms network marketing is an industry. Just like you have the retail industry, the car industry, the manufacturing industry. That industry is made up of different organisations that operate within in it and each of those organisations have an organisational structure. Those structures are made up of people and those people move through the organisational structure based on skill, effort, merit, etc.  So it sounds the same as any other industry right? Well on a basic structural level, yes it is. But there are differences that make the network marketing industry just a little bit different (and in my opinion just a little bit exciting too).

Let’s look a little closer at what I mean. I’ll use teaching as an example. Obviously the first step is making a conscious decision that you do indeed want to teach. There lies the first subtle difference. I’m not sure network marketing is a conscious decision at all – certainly not at first anyway. In fact, many of us (me included) stumble upon it courtesy of a friend or acquaintance. Next to become a teacher you have to go through many years of training to ensure you have the skills and knowledge needed to become a great teacher. Here’s the next difference. Given we’ve stumbled upon network marketing, we haven’t yet trained to have the right skill set! Instead, we need to take responsibility and get ourselves upskilled and qualified to do a good job. This point I’ll come back to a little later. Next in the teaching world you choose where you want to teach, you apply and you join the organisation of choice. Network marketing is much the same. You choose an organisation that resonates with you and has products that you like. You also pick an organisation based on the people already in the structure – I’m a strong believer that you need to work in this industry with people you like. So in the teaching example, you’ve now become an employee. You are a part of the structure, you may move up, you may stay where you are. But… should you choose this path… moving up the structure relies on those currently above you either moving further up, or moving on. This for me is the biggest difference. In network marketing you become a partner, not an employee, and you start on your own individual journey. You move through the structure at your own pace (fast, slow, anything goes) in your own unique way and regardless of the position on the structure of your partners – wherever they’ve made it to. Just so long as you do it the right way…

Which brings me to my point that I wanted to go back to earlier. This happens to also bring us back to how network marketing is fundamentally the same as any other industry… whatever your path, once you’ve chosen, you know the requirements, you know what you need to do. And in whatever industry that choice is made, the unwritten rule is that you behave and conduct yourself in the way that your chosen industry intended you to. Network marketing is no different. There is a way to do things and it’s your personal responsibility to know the dos and don’ts, and then be a champion for the industry through your actions. 

Let me go a little deeper on this one (warning – I may well get a little passionate here…) Firstly, in this industry the number one goal is building your network. Building a network is not just about names in your Facebook friends list! So not surprisingly requesting every friend of friend of friend doesn’t equal a solid genuine network. Building a network is meeting people, talking to people, building relationships with people – it’s making actual, real life friends and acquaintances. Secondly network marketing only requires you to show people the products and opportunity available. That’s it. It is not your responsibility to convince, bribe, coerce or beg anybody. Imagine if a teacher went to a mechanic and spammed, messaged, harassed until he relented and said ok I’ll change profession and become a teacher! Or imagine prepping for an interview for a job and when you arrive the panel, instead of asking you questions, finding out about you, they decide to just beg you to join the organisation. That would be weird yes? Well I think it would be! So these things shouldn’t happen in network marketing either. Just as in all industries, when you come across network marketing, so long as your discovery is via someone who is passionate, professional and true to the industry, you’ll know if you want to become a part of it yourself. 

Now on to my final point. At the beginning I said you need to take personal responsibility for upskilling and your own personal development. Absolute true. But one step further, you also need to take responsibility for helping anyone that wants to upskill themselves. If somebody stumbles on this great industry via you, then be there to show them where training resources are, share your experiences openly and honestly. But more importantly, lead by example. Network marketing is essentially people helping people. People are the most valuable asset in the entire industry so always be the best you can be. And always be you. Network marketing professional you. 

That’s me signing off for now, beauty sleep calls 😴 Have a wonderful week ahead and be the best in whatever you do. Laters lovelies ❀

Why are we selectively social?Β 

Making a conscious effort to analyse yourself and understand your real strengths and weaknesses can be an uncomfortable journey. The hardest person to be honest with is often yourself. I mean who wants to admit they might just be a little bit rubbish at some things? And worse, who wants to admit that they didn’t see what was staring them right in the eyes? I’ll hold my hands up to both 🀚🏻🀚🏻

But it doesn’t just highlight your flaws. God, if self analysis was all about beating yourself up, that would be pretty depressing and no one would ever bother. And imagine a world where people had no idea of their own strengths? And no chance to improve their weakness? Nope, I can’t imagine that either. Sometimes it just makes you see really interesting things. And I want to share one of those now. 

I’m sure you’ve been asked at least once in your life Are you a sociable person? And if you haven’t been asked, I bet you’ve thought the question to yourself and you know your own answer for sure. Take my partner as an example. He knows* he’s not a socialable person. He can be social when he needs/wants to be but he fundamentally believes his preference is not to socialise therefore his personal answer to the question is a definite no. Now let’s look at me. My answer is a definite yes. I talk a LOT and I like being around people. But let’s delve a little deeper than that.

I have a great group of close friends and love talking to them, getting together with them, knowing what’s going on in their lives, sharing what’s going on in mine. As a group we know the lot, warts and all, about each other. Our conversations often border on the ‘too much information’ camp and yet we’ll still always go there anyway! And I like that. And then I have a wider group of friends that I also love chatting with. We get together less often but we chat on WhatsApp, we interact on each other’s Facebook posts, we care enough to keep up with what’s going on and we enjoy a good mammoth catch up every so often to fill in the gaps. Then the other thing I love is a houseful. Whether it’s friends and family coming for dinner or the kids friends coming for a play date or a birthday party at home. I just love the noise of a happy house. So it’s all these things that make my personal answer a definite yes. 

Now on to my interesting discovery about myself… There’s no doubt I’m a sociable person in my personal life. But… am I quite as sociable when it comes to my business? And I have to admit, no I’m not! And given I am my business, my brand, let’s be honest… that discovery is really a little silly! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve said before, of course I talk about my products, people know I have my business etc etc. I know I’m not unsociable with it by any stretch. But I also know I generally stop there. I don’t share the brilliant light bulb moments, I don’t talk about the new skills I’m learning everyday, I don’t talk about the industry as a whole often enough… I almost keep a section of the business and treat it like it’s a secret society. And that is, quite frankly, madness! But the very fact I see that means I know what I need to work on next πŸ‘πŸ»

Now fear not friends… I’m not saying I’m going to abandon the ‘too much information’ chats (they’re far too much fun to give up) and just talk business. All work and no play just isn’t part of my make up and you’ll never see me in that camp. All I’ll be doing is making sure I’m always me, sociable me, in whatever situation I’m in. 

So lovely people. Never be afraid to be honest with yourself. It can only be a good thing. After all, it gives you the chance to be a better version of the already awesome you. Laters lovelies ❀

*I say he knows. I think he is quite a sociable creature underneath really πŸ˜‰